Karen A. Harvey

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Karen Harvey is a Senior Associate Attorney at Tschetter Sulzer with 24 years of legal experience representing landlords. Before joining Tschetter Sulzer in 2013, Karen served as in-house counsel for a property management company in Colorado.  

Karen’s substantive experience affords her the opportunity to have a diverse set of skills for the Firm’s clients, with an emphasis in document review/drafting (residential and commercial) and Fair Housing defense. She strongly believes in the education opportunities Tschetter Sulzer offers its clients and routinely teaches classes for clients that are focused on Fair Housing or other important legal topics.

A native Chicagoan, Karen graduated from the University of Illinois, Chicago with a BA in Criminal Justice and received her JD from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law. As parents of two adult sons, Karen and her husband enjoy their free time by traveling, camping, hiking, and cooking.