Karen A. Harvey

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Karen Harvey, who is a highly qualified landlord/tenant attorney, brings over twenty years of legal experience to her position at the Firm. Within the Colorado multi-family rental housing industry, Karen’s reputation for excellence in representing landlords is both well known and respected. Prior to joining the Firm in 2013, Karen served as Colorado Legal Counsel and lead the In-House Corporate Legal Support Team at Carmel Partners, Inc. for the past fifteen years. During her tenure at Carmel Partners, Inc., she dealt with legal issues involving 30 properties and 15,000 rental units. Before her position with Carmel, she did legal work in Colorado in both Real Estate and Title Insurance. Karen even did a stint in the practice of Criminal Defense Law in her home state of Illinois before moving to Colorado. A native Chicagoan, she graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois, Chicago and received her JD from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Kent College of Law. Karen has substantive experience in teaching legal issues that impact the multi-family housing industry, in particular Fair Housing. Her addition to the Firm provides our clients another experienced, qualified, excellent instructor for our Firm Workshops. In addition to her familiarity with rental property legal issues she is skilled in the legal practice of matters that impact both real estate and commercial property leasing. Since joining the Firm, Karen has expressed enthusiasm for the diversity of work she has undertaken for our clients, especially in dealing with and resolving problems that come in daily through our Situation Desk. Karen is committed to expanding her professional knowledge in the area of subsidized housing. When not helping TS clients and practicing law, Karen enjoys spending quality time with her family.