Lindsay E. Jasper

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Associate Attorney Lindsay Jasper has been assisting our clients with their landlord/tenant issues since joining the Firm in 2004, and is well-known to Colorado’s Subsidized Housing providers as the go-to resource for clients navigating the complicated requirements associated with Federal and State-funded housing. Lindsay is also heavily involved in the Firm’s Fair Housing practice, appearing regularly before the Colorado Civil Rights Division to assist our clients in defending against claims of Fair Housing discrimination, and has extensive experience in eviction law, both for housing providers and commercial landlords.

In addition to her legal practice Lindsay is a dedicated educator, frequently presenting Workshops to both clients and housing organizations across the state. Literally thousands of property managers and leasing professionals in Colorado have learned the ins-and-outs of Fair Housing laws from Lindsay, and her Subsidized Evictions Boot Camp is required curriculum for any Managers overseeing Federally-funded communities.

Originally hailing from Iowa, Lindsay first arrived in Denver in 1999 after enrolling at the University of Denver School of Law. While in law school, Lindsay served as a student attorney for The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, where she was a Guardian Ad Litem for over two years, as well as being a participating member of P.I.L.G. (Public Interest Law Group). Lindsay’s passion for the law is rooted in her love for the challenges of advocacy and litigation, and because it challenges her mentally and brings new challenges every day.

When she’s not helping our clients, you’ll probably find Lindsay spending time with her family. Lindsay takes great pride in serving as Soccer Mom, Volleyball Mom, and Dog Mom, and if her family isn’t spending the weekend at sporting events, gardening or enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll probably find her and her husband at one of Colorado’s many local breweries.