Mark N. Tschetter

Senior Managing Partner

Mark N. Tschetter is the Senior Managing Partner of the Tschetter Sulzer Law Firm. Prior to the formation of Hopkins & Tschetter (predecessor of Hopkins Tschetter Sulzer, now Tschetter Sulzer) he was a principle in his own law firm Tschetter & Associates. Mark started his legal career as an Associate in the law firm of Grant McHendrie.

Since the inception of his career, Mark’s primary focus has been on landlord-tenant matters, and is regarded as one of the top legal experts in landlord-tenant law in the country. Mark takes an aggressive, but pragmatic, common sense approach to the practice of law. An assertive advocate and litigator, Mark advises clients never to litigate over principle alone but to litigate only over money, goals, or results.

Because Mark believes that better-educated clients are less likely to get into legal trouble, he established Firm workshops designed to educate and assist owners, managers, and staffs on today’s complex landlord issues. An enthusiastic teacher, Mark has created and personally teaches many of the workshops and teaches all of the classes in Basic Fair Housing and Advanced Fair Housing, his specific area of interest and expertise.

The youngest of four brothers, Mark learned to compete early in life. He brings his fierce competitive nature to every matter he handles, along with his passion for strategic and tactical analysis of problems, situations, and scenarios. In his many years of trying cases, Mark has acquired substantial litigation and courtroom experience and a well earned reputation of accomplishing positive results in his advocacy for his clients.

Keenly interested in business, Mark has always embraced entrepreneurial aspirations. As an undergraduate, he and a classmate ran a campus Apple computer operation. During and after law school, Mark helped found and run a small successful manufacturing business. He has also been a principle in and legal counsel for a family-owned successful Colorado developer/builder.

Mark is a 4th generation Coloradoan. A graduate of Cherry Creek High School, and is an Honors graduate of Claremont McKenna College. He received his Doctorate of Law from the University of Denver and was admitted to the bar in 1989 at the age of 24. Prior to law school, Mark served as a staff legislative intern in the Washington D.C. office of Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.

An accomplished public speaker, Mark regularly presents landlord seminars and educational events. Mark is a dedicated political watcher and student of public policy rationale. He is a member of the Colorado Apartment Association Legislative Action Committee and frequently advocates and lobbies State, County and local governments on behalf of the rental industry. Mark serves on the Board of the Apartment Association of Metro Denver and also works closely with the National Apartment Association.

He is active in numerous professional, civic, political, and alumni organizations, is an avid sports fan, and a fanatical Bronco booster. Mark is a committed computer enthusiast and designed the law firm’s database system.  Recreationally, Mark enjoys running, hiking, walking with his family, skiing, golf, basketball, and playing softball. The proud father of two young daughters, Mark and his wife reside in the southeast metro area.