Emily Barnhard

Emily Barnhard

Situation Manager

Emily is a Colorado Native and a graduate of Mullen High School. Post High School, she pursued her interest in nursing, attending the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and subsequently received an Associate degree in Business Management from Arapahoe Community College.

Before assuming the position of Situation Manager at the Firm, Emily spent eight years at CT Corporation, a subsidiary of a multi-national information services company providing software and services used by legal professionals, where she worked her way up to Assistant Manager. Her educational background in nursing and business combined with her in-depth experience dealing with the legal profession at CT Corp. makes her uniquely qualified to assume the position of Situation Manager at the Firm.

Her responsibilities include managing our specially designed client database and coordinating all client requests for free legal advice in handling situations on their properties. Emily is also responsible for coordinating and assuring that a member of our legal team responds to all client inquiries expeditiously. Emily also handles all New Client Intake Interviews/Consultations.

Emily enjoys spending her free time hiking, swimming, and watching movies with her son and daughter.