Denver Landlords: Apply Now for Your Rental License

As most landlords in the city are already aware, Denver is requiring all multi-family properties (more than two units) to operate with a rental license starting January 1, 2023. Landlords can begin applying for a license now (at a discounted rate) and, beginning in 2023, you will need to have a license in place in order to offer, provide, or operate your residential rental property (single-family homes must have a license starting in 2024).The rental licensing includes a requirement that rental properties pass an inspection from a certified inspector.

In order to obtain such a license for your property, 10% of your units (or 1, if less than ten units) must be inspected by a certified, private home inspector at random. Since the inspection will need to be completed and approved prior to submittal of your Rental License Application, Denver is encouraging Landlords to start scheduling their inspections now to ensure you have plenty of time to submit your applications.

For more information about the Denver Rental Licensing Program and inspection requirements, please use the following links: