At TS, preventive law is king. We know that better educated clients are less likely to get into legal trouble. And, if they do run into a problem, we can more successfully defend them knowing that they were in compliance with the law.  Our workshops are designed to educate and assist owners, managers, and staffs on today’s complex Landlord-Tenant and Fair Housing Laws. Workshops are FREE to clients so that clients can learn exactly what they need to know and how to do it. Our regularly scheduled workshops include the following topics:

The cornerstone and success of our training programs is our commitment to continually improve and update both our teaching materials and our presentations to maximize the benefit to those who attend the classes. We do this by staying on top of all of the changes, case law, and nuances that are always evolving in the area of landlord-tenant law. Our educational programs and resources are geared to help you increase your knowledge in the areas of law that affect you and your business. In addition to class presentation and instructional materials, attendees at our classes also benefit from the in-depth analysis and discussion of real world scenarios that pour into the firm from out clients.

The success of our educational workshops is based on the fact that we LISTEN. TS carefully reviews and refines our presentations and evaluates the effectiveness of our classes based on the evaluations we receive from everyone who attends a class. We ask all class participants to evaluate us in four major areas: Overall Opinion of the Class; Effective Visual Aids and Teaching Materials; Organization and Presentation; and Speaker/Instructor. Our reputation of excellence and effectiveness for our education programs is demonstrated by the fact that we are consistently requested to teach classes for industry associations like the AAMD, AASC, BARHA, CHFA, IROC, NARPM, and WCAA as well as realtors and the Community Associations Institute (CAI).