Advanced Fair Housing Workshop

The focus in the Advanced Fair Housing class is to go beyond the protected classes and examine all facets of the requirements and subtle nuances of Fair Housing Laws.  Emphasis is on the complex areas of Accommodation and Modification, Disabilities-Permanent & Temporary, Tenant Retaliation, and Dealing with Complaints.  We address all the areas that these issues can impact and the repercussions of not knowing what to do and/or how to do it. We also deal with Risk Analysis and how to evaluate your risks when handling these issues.

The class features extensive testing on real case scenarios that have occurred involving the accommodation and modification requirements under Fair Housing–how they were handled and how they should be handled.   Attendees learn what the distinction is between accommodation and modification and who has the financial responsibility to pay for these requests.   Workshop participants are challenged to know the differences between accommodation and modification and develop an understanding that even something like “landlord fees” can be challenged in specific instances as a mandated reasonable accommodation.  We present the distinction in the law between an assistive animal and a companion animal and how to handle these requests in order not to run into a Fair Housing violation.

We discuss and explore what can happen if a Fair Housing complaint is filed against you and what your liabilities could be as well as what to do if you receive a notice from the CCRD (Colorado Civil Rights Division) or HUD.

The area of Advanced Fair Housing is far more complex and nuanced than learning Basic Fair Housing, the protected classes and the intent of the law.  Participants should have attended a Basic Fair Housing Class or have extensive practical knowledge and experience in Basic Fair Housing prior to enrolling in this class.