Advanced Non-Monetary Evictions Workshop

The Non-Monetary Evictions workshop explores the eviction process for matters more complex than non-payment of rent. Participants are encouraged to attend the Basic Evictions class prior to attending the Non-Monetary Evictions workshop, as this class will build from the foundation of the basic eviction process and its notices.  Participants learn that Non-Monetary Evictions are not as common as Evictions for Non-Payment and are based on different grounds, rights and statutory authority

This class clarifies and defines the four basic categories of Non-Monetary Evictions.  (Non-Compliance, Subsequent Violation, Substantial Violation, Notice to Quit)  Learn how each category is different and why each requires a different type of notice and develop an understanding of what each notice is “telling the tenant.” Learning these distinctions is an important step in determining the best offense against a tenant’s defense. The class covers real case scenarios involving Non-Monetary Evictions and the differences in how they were handled correctly or incorrectly. And, how doing it wrong can delay removing the tenant from your property.

Difficulties arise in Non-Compliance Evictions when there is uncertainty about when to serve a tenant and why.  How to put the case together and when to serve more than one notice is critical information for a multi-family housing professional.  How property managers should respond to tenants that act in violation of the rules set forth by their leases is covered in depth. Using the appropriate notice is critical to your eviction case. Learn the differences between notices for subsequent violations, substantial violations, and lease terminations, and when/how to properly use them.

Discover that the most effective way to win eviction trials is to have a foolproof lease. This class will cover certain legal language and addendums that will ensure that your lease has you and your property protected from every angle. The ever-developing domestic violence laws and their connection with Evictions will also be explored.

In addition to the workbook, all class participants will receive copies and examples of the various notices, writs, and stipulations that the Firm encourages property managers to use. Attendees will also receive pertinent articles written by Firm attorneys that help to simplify the most common and complex Non-Monetary Eviction matters.