When Experience Matters

Let Our Experience be Your Guide

Tschetter Sulzer attorneys help residential and commercial property clients step-by-step through every phase of the Eviction and Court Process. Our proven, strategic approach to each unique case dramatically increases your chances of a successful outcome. Timely progress reports keep you informed on the status of your case, and regular attorney contact provides you a forum for updates and legal questions.

By providing the finest legal services in the area of Landlord-Tenant Law, we create long-term relationships with our clients by providing high quality legal representation and support and charging reasonable fees for our services. The TS basic eviction fee includes rapid evictions, top-notch service, and many value-added services.  We give you much more than a basic bare-bones eviction for your money.  Our clients get tremendous value for our basic eviction fee, including:

  • Preparation of all court paperwork
  • Payment of filing fee & costs of serving court papers
  • Basic & Non-Eviction Legal Advice
  • Twenty-Four Seven access to your cases and their status instantly via THS secure web link
  • Value Added Services

The bottom line is the basic Eviction fee provides you with all the attorney services and costs necessary to evict your non-paying/non-complying tenant.

Legal Advice

Management companies cannot evaluate “eviction fee” price without factoring into consideration legal bills for routine legal advice. Our clients regularly seek eviction related and a wide range of other general property management legal advice from TS. The cost for this needed and critical legal advice is easy to calculate. The cost is $0.00.

Many law Firms have an extra charge for providing basic legal advice to their clients.  This means that when a client calls the attorney with legal questions about a particular eviction case or has general questions about the legal process, the attorney charges on an hourly basis, resulting in thousands of dollars per year in attorneys fees.  At Tschetter Sulzer we consider this service as being a part of the overall Eviction fee.

We realize that if a client hesitates in calling the attorneys with a legal question because they did not want to incur hourly charged legal fees, it could lead to serious legal ramifications for the client.  Therefore, we encourage our clients to call us with any legal questions so that they can make the right decision is dealing with problem situations.

The amount of attorney time spent on these situations is not insubstantial. While some situations can be handled in 15 minutes or less, many situations require considerably more attorney time. We are the only Firm that has developed a comprehensive “situation database” to respond to our clients’ every need for critical and timely advice. We have eight full time attorneys and eight legal assistants to make sure that our clients get answers to their questions quickly. We employ a full time “situation manager” whose only job is to coordinate and facilitate the handling of our clients’ issues and need for timely legal advice. All calls and inquiries are promptly handled.

Drafting Eviction Notices

Drafting rent notices is straightforward. Compliance notices can be a little tricky. We urge our clients to involve us before serving compliance notices. When we get involved, we frequently draft compliance notices for clients at no extra charge. This increases the client’s chances of success in court. This also allows us to prepare in advance for a trial, which is crucial when the stakes are high on complicated and involved compliance cases.

Non-Eviction Legal Advice

Legal issues often arise that are not directly related to evictions. These include neighbor disputes, problems with vendors, lease issues, etc. While other law firms charge on an hourly basis to handle these non-eviction matters, we do not. As a further courtesy and service to our clients, we regularly answer personal legal questions for any person that works for a Firm client from Maintenance Technician to Vice-President.  Our theory is that we provide an overall service to our clients and this type of advice is included in the basic eviction fee. Only complicated, on-going matters are charged on an hourly basis. This is a value-added service that we have been providing for years.

Value-Added Services

Exceptional value and reasonably priced service contributes to the continued growth of our client base and is a key factor for management companies who keep a close eye on overhead cost versus value received.  Whether it is a major company, or a smaller management team, they all know that the basic eviction fee provides them with these exceptional Value-Added services at no cost:

  • Educational Workshops and Materials
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Monthly Client Lunch
  • Web Forms & Lease Addendums
  • Web Resource Library
  • Legislative & Industry Alerts