Lease-Related Legal Costs


Lease related legal costs are driven by the amount of attorney time involved.  Lease work is not rocket science, but it is time-consuming and tedious work.  Sometimes clients forget the time-consuming nature of lease work.  This can cause unrealistic expectations about lease review and drafting.  For example, clients want a lease review, but don’t want us to spend more than an hour on it.  We cannot comprehensively review a five to ten thousand word document in an hour.  During a one-hour review, an attorney can only read the lease and highlight the most fatal or obvious flaws.  This brings us to a critical point about lease review work and related costs.  It is always less expensive to buy a well-developed lease product, then to try to fix a bad lease.  Reviewing, revising, and fixing most leases can easily exceed five hours of attorney time which is more than the base cost of our most expensive lease product.