RA / RM / ESA Request Process – Training Material, Documents, Forms, Webinars

Training Materials

         Fair Housing Platform Training_October 2019

         RARM – ESA Manual Process Training_June 2019

         THS Website – Creating a Log-In


          FHP Request Intake Document (Use to collect data for FHP request intake)

          Policies & Procedures–Prospects

          Policies & Procedures–Residents


*Download Forms BEFORE Completing–Any Information Added To Forms Online Will Not Be Downloaded

          Cover Sheet–(For Internal Use Only)*

          ESA Request Form (Any Request Which Involves Animals)*

          Form 1 (Disability Not Obvious / Need Not Obvious)*

          Form 2 (Disability Obvious / Need Obvious)*

          Form 3 (Disability Obvious / Need Not Obvious)*


          10.17.19 Fair Housing Platform Training

          10.03.18 Webinar Recording

* If you are uncertain as to which form to use, you can always call us 720-845-2275 or email us mrra@thslawfirm.com requesting a call.