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  • Legislative Update: Recorded 2.17.21

    Total Run Time: 1 Hour 27 minute In this webinar recorded February 17, 2021, Mark & Vic break down a total of 7 different Bills expected to be introduced at the Colorado Legislature this session. Below are the time codes at which each Bill is discussed as well as links to the latest versions of Legislative Update: Recorded 2.17.21

    February 24, 2021 Read more »
  • Attending Virtual Court

    Presentation Run Time: 40 minutes      Total Run Time w/ Q&A: 56 minutes In this webinar recorded February 10, 2021, Mark & Vic review the process of attending court virtually and the “Dos & Don’ts” of appearing on camera in front of a judge.

    February 22, 2021 Read more »
  • CARES Act Update: Recorded 2.5.2021

    Presentation Run Time: 27 minutes      Total Run Time w/ Q&A: 1 hour 49 minutes In this webinar, Firm Partners Mark & Vic discuss a number of issues regarding the Eviction Process, including: Judges in Denver and Weld Counties have begun to requiring 30-Day Demands for Rent or Possession from ‘Covered Properties’ under the CARES Act Update: Recorded 2.5.2021

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  • Common Mistakes Made with Evictions in the COVID Era

    Run Time: 55 minutes Recorded from the brand new ‘Studio 828’, Mark Tschetter & Pete Muccio discuss common mistakes the Firm has seen when posting & filing evictions during the pandemic and how to avoid them.   Useful Links Related to this Presentation:      Up-to-Date Eviction Forms      COVID Resource Page

    February 9, 2021 Read more »
  • New Laws for 2021

    Run Time: 1 hour 6 minutes On January 1, 2021, Colorado added two new Fair Housing Protected Classes, Source of Income and Immigration/Citizenship Status. In this video, attorneys Mark Tschetter & Karen Harvey discuss the impact of these laws and how landlords must change their policies and procedures to comply with the new requirements.   New Laws for 2021

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    The hallmark of TS is Client Service. For over two decades, clients have been calling the Firm, greeting us with the same four words, “I’ve got a situation.” In the November & December edition of the Landlord News we announced a contest, for clients to guess the date and time the ‘TS’ Situation Board would TSCHETTER SULZER SERVES CLIENTS FOR 100,000TH TIME!

    March 15, 2020 Read more »
  • Appealing to Tenants At Renewal Levels

    Nobody likes losing a good customer, but somehow the multi-family housing providers retention average is not that great. Statistics indicate that about half of the industry’s tenants will not be signing another lease with their current community. In fact, in February of 2016 MPF Research, a division of Real Page, reported that Metro Denver had Appealing to Tenants At Renewal Levels

    November 1, 2019 Read more »

    Shooting incidents are broadcast almost daily in any news cycle. It is unfortunate that it is a reality. You don’t want you or your staffs to become desensitized to this topic or to work in fear. The topic in itself is scary. Given today’s climate of more frequent workplace violence, things like this, unfortunately, have ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT – ARE YOU PREPARED?

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  • Resident Immigrant Status

    Immigration is a subject that lately has generated significant debate at the federal level and local level. As efforts to regulate immigration in Congress continue to stall, state and local policymakers are weighing in on the issue on a more frequent basis. While the issue is being used as a political football at all levels Resident Immigrant Status

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    It is hot in Colorado and that means many community pools are quite popular this time of year. If pools are busy, there are bound to be situations that will develop. We get to hear about people behaving poorly, from unsupervised children to trespassers. Pools’ presence are a valuable amenity for communities, however pools also SPLISH! SPLASH! IT’S SUMMER POOL TIME AT APARTMENT COMMUNITIES

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