Collecting HOA dues is all about setting achievable goals and attaining quality outcomes with measurable results.

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Recognizing that education makes it less likely for HOAs to get into legal trouble, THS is committed to providing informal, interactive workshops to explain just what you need to know to protect your community.  We help you understand how to successfully navigate your specific challenges and better understand Colorado HOA Law.  We provide you with information in general about running or being a member of a Homeowners Association.

There are many responsibilities that fall to those serving on an HOA board, so, more likely than not, a Board Member is going to have to learn some new skills in order to serve effectively. To be sure, most Board Members are probably not going to have the foundational knowledge necessary for Board leadership. Unless you have served on many HOA Boards before, the odds are slim that you are going to be well-versed in the kind of governance and financial management tasks the job requires. That is why Education is utterly paramount.

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THS provides a variety of customized educational programs dedicated to providing resources that promote a better understanding of townhome, condominium, and single-family homeowner associations needs. These programs focus on management and operation of community associations, responsibilities & benefits, and effective management tools.  They are educational in nature, provided free to our clients, and include a wide array of topics such as:

  • CC&R Enforcement
  • Assessment Collection
  • Legislative and Legal Update
  • Amending Governing Documents
  • Negotiating Vendor Contracts
  • Running an Annual Election
  • Member Discipline
  • Security Considerations
  • Pet Problems & Solutions
  • Parking Problems & Solutions
  • Architectural Control Issues and Submission System

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Tschetter Sulzer is an HOA advocate that also specializes in Fair Housing training and we offer our innovative and interesting Fair Housing classes to homeowner associations. Owners with disabilities provide the most complicated Fair Housing issues for HOA’s.  Individuals with disabilities are entitled to ask for reasonable accommodations to rules, policies, practices, and procedures, as well as ask for modifications to physical structures. Sometimes these requests do not mesh with architectural guidelines. Yet, community rules cannot block a valid disability-based request. Our Advanced Fair Housing class deals closely with complicated issues on disabilities and your association responsibilities and liabilities.


Out of all recent Fair Housing complaints investigated by the Colorado Civil Rights Division, a substantial number have been against homeowner associations. Complaints against HOA’s are on the rise. An adverse finding from the Colorado Civil Rights Division or HUD can result in fines, a possible administrative hearing before an Administrative Judge, and/or a lawsuit. Declarations and other governing documents do NOT supersede the Fair Housing Laws. Owners of various protected classes have certain rights under the Fair Housing Laws. Many Fair Housing complaints are filed against HOAs by owners with disabilities.