Lease Drafting & Review

Utilizing a “What Could Go Wrong?” approach, TS drafts and reviews lease agreements with an eye toward preventing litigation in the future. Sometimes, litigation is unavoidable. In those situations, a clear and concise contract will only serve to benefit our clients. A strong lease, which protects the client, but at the same time is fair to the tenant, is the cornerstone of the landlord/tenant relationship. The Firm provides a full range of services in this area. From a cursory review of lease documents to a comprehensive audit, the Firm is available to assist its clients in revising their documents to better protect themselves.

The Firm’s lease services are based on our substantial experience in landlord-tenant law. No Colorado law firm evicts more tenants, handles more tenant litigation, or has more constant exposure to leases and lease issues than Tschetter Sulzer. The Firm provides a wide variety of lease services for multifamily, single-family, and commercial property management clients. There are a number of considerations in deciding which of our many lease services may be right for you. There is no such thing as the perfect lease; there is only the perfect lease for a specific client, at the moment it was created, for a variety of reasons:

  • The law changes
  • Company policy changes
  • Court rulings require changes
  • Tenants raise new scenarios and factual permutations

For these reasons, we always recommend having a “lease check-up” on an annual basis. A lease check-up is particularly effective when the client consistently keeps track of lease issues. Systematically tracking lease issues promotes a thoughtful and methodical evaluation as to whether changes are either desirable or warranted.