Fair Housing Defense

No eviction law firm could provide complete and comprehensive representation to its clients without having substantial experience in Fair Housing law. The Firm regularly advises clients with respect to Fair Housing matters and regularly defends Firm clients against tenant Fair Housing and discrimination claims. The Firm has substantial experience and deals regularly with the various federal and state laws governing Fair Housing, as well as the federal and state agencies with whom tenant Fair Housing and discrimination complaints are lodged. The Firm regularly represents Firm clients in front of the Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) and the Department of Housing (HUD), as well as in state and federal courts.

As the number of Fair Housing lawsuits against property owners and managers increases, so does the importance of ensuring your compliance with Fair Housing regulations. Tschetter Sulzer is the #1 Fair Housing Defense Firm in Colorado, defending the most Fair Housing claims in the state. TS can provide defense to fair housing claims that arise. Whether you need support with a simple matter or have more complex issues, you can rely on our expert team for analysis of the issues and a recommendation on the best course of action

There is no substitute for knowledge when it comes to Fair Housing. The Firm offers training on all aspects of state and federal Fair Housing laws. We’ve found that most property managers, on-site personnel, and owners benefit from Fair Housing education. Our educational programs recognize the benefits of preventive law for reducing Fair Housing risks.