Technology is in the pipeline to streamline move-in/move-out inspections through online access to critical paperwork. New technology that will make the inspection process more efficient is on the way. Mobile software that integrates with existing property management systems enable properties to perform and essentially close the book on inspections in just a matter of minutes.

Normally when an apartment becomes vacant, a quick inventory of the unit and its condition is necessary before the next resident moves in. Everything from the lights, cabinets, floors, walls and ceilings must be noted and, if necessary, work orders placed to make repairs. Typically, on-site inspectors have to perform these inspections, taking any notes and/or pictures, and return to the office and create a report.— software companies are bringing new technology that enables thorough inspections in real time to the world of property management.

Move-in/move-out inspections are about to get exponentially easier: Community managers can expedite the inspection process and more effectively manage personnel during turnovers by using new mobile software that syncs onsite assessments with critical documentation, such as service requests, with the touch of a button. The process can be done from start to finish inside the unit with the resident, eliminating the need to spend time later at the office completing paperwork.

Property managers can walk through units with residents and use an iOS or Android device to take pictures of the units and fill out service forms in real time, rather than having to spend additional time filling out paperwork once back in the office. Service forms can be sent electronically to maintenance personnel as well, so they can continue to work on other apartments instead of being present for each individual inspection.

Moving the paperwork to an electronic format not only speeds up the process but also condenses the amount of material that property managers will have to lug around to each unit (meaning no more oversized clipboards). Enabling devices to record real-time inspection results can help properties perform and track inspections quickly and readily as well as upload photos and notes with work orders that are simultaneously assigned in real time, which in turn streamlines the maintenance management processes and response.

Mobile inspections in the multi-family housing industry are a game changer that streamlines the process, centralizes record keeping and cuts inspection times by 15-20 percent.

Technology advances and innovative industry-specific softwares are here to stay and the size, shape, and functionality of our now ever-present portable devices are evolving in numerous and different directions. Statistics show that the number of mobile devices has now “surpassed the global human population.”