With 2 billion users on Facebook and 328 million on Twitter, apartment owners cannot ignore social media if they want to create brand awareness. Social media can drive traffic to an apartment community’s website. Quality, clickable content [with pictures] will generate interest that will entice prospects to call or schedule a tour to see your community.

Property Management Social Media

Multifamily Industry communities who are not leveraging social media to its full potential are missing out on accessing positive contact with thousands of leads. The apartment landscape is an ever-evolving industry, as are resident expectations. Now, add to that the element of social media, which has grown in epic proportions, and you are faced with the need to react and respond almost instantaneously. More and more studies demonstrate that residents cite reviews and social media channels as part of their process that influences leasing decisions.

According to rental industry marketing specialists, the Denver metro area is one of six major locations that are considered a really great place to live but are also identified as the most saturated and highly competitive rental markets in the country. The other five are Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Boston. Today, one of the most recognized keys to successfully marketing your apartment community in a highly saturated area like Denver is a strong social media presence.

Social media can be effectively used to tell a story that showcases the lifestyle at your community that will attract, engage and retain residents. By using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, property managers have an opportunity to market their properties to prospective residents at relatively no cost. Through the use of social media, property managers are able to instantly connect and engage with prospective and current residents on a larger scale than ever before.

Social media users are constantly inundated with endless amounts of information on a daily basis. This means that capturing the attention of these social media users and standing out amongst the competition can often be a challenging task. With only a few seconds to engage a user, property managers need to ensure that they create original, unique, informative and visually stimulating content to grab the attention of current and prospective residents. This includes creating content that specifically appeals to a property’s core target audience, utilizing images, infographics, and even video. In fact, social media posts that utilize visual content tend to get more engagement than those that don’t.

Property Management Social MediaAnother challenge for an apartment community to take into consideration when developing and/or utilizing a social media platform strategy is determining what platform is best for what target audience and adjusting content accordingly. Younger generations are much more active on Instagram and Snapchat compared to Baby Boomers. Marketing research shows that 72 percent of Boomers are active on Facebook and only 18 percent on Instagram. This makes it extremely crucial for property managers to ensure they have identified the specific demographic of their targeted prospects and where they are most active in order to ensure that they are successfully reaching their core target audience.

As previously stated, studies demonstrate that residents cite reviews and social media channels as a major part of what influences their leasing decisions and younger residents, in particular, heavily base their rental decisions on a property’s social media presence. Since an overwhelming majority of prospective residents rely on social media platforms when apartment hunting, it goes without saying, that if you do not have a social media strategy and if people don’t know about your apartment community, generating leads is going to be pretty tough. It can be especially challenging if you’re in a competitive market like the Denver metro area. Just hoping and waiting for the right people to find you is a gamble. An effective social media strategy is a powerful way to connect with new leads or current tenants and build meaningful relationships that will help your apartment community thrive.