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Be Precise When Drafting Security Deposit Refund Checks

July 29th, 2015|

Security deposit

When returning a security deposit, it’s important to make the check payable to all of the Residents.  This prevents one of the Residents from individually claiming the Landlord failed to meet the statutory duty to timely account for the deposit.

The Pay To The Order Of line should list each Resident name and include the connector “and”.   Example: “Joe, Sue and Fred”.  This verbiage requires all the Residents to endorse the check.

THS Comments on New Marijuana Law

November 9th, 2012|


With the approval of Amendment 64 by Colorado voters, Colorado has legalized the recreational use and possession of small amounts of marijuana.  We have already received numerous inquiries as to how this will affect individual clients and landlord tenant relationships in Colorado.  We are now comprehensively analyzing how the new law will affect you, leases, and your relationship with residents.  We will publish our analysis to all Firm clients in the next month. Probably, in the Landlord News, the Firm's monthly newsletter.  Remember that this new law is not yet in effect and until it is everything is the same.

If you have specific questions regarding our Crime and Drug Free Addendum and/or Lease that refers to Colorado Law regarding drugs please submit them to THS so that we can include them in our analysis of all of the nuances of the impact of this new law.  The question of whether you can prohibit the smoking of pot on your property will be addressed in our analysis so you do not need to submit questions regarding this particular issue. But we will be happy to review and respond to all other questions you may have regarding the marijuana issue.

Photocopy of Military Identification Cards Is A No-No!

April 23rd, 2012|


Federal regulations prohibit non-medical commercial establishments (which includes landlords) from photocopying military identification cards.  The regulations are found in Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 33, Section 701 in the Federal Registry.  The purpose of the regulation is to prevent the forgery of military identification cards.  Some properties require the copying a photo ID for tenants and applicants.  Since some military tenants and applicants use their military IDs as their photo IDs, occasionally the issue comes up where a landlord would like to make a photocopy of a Military ID.  Regardless of the circumstances, copying a military ID is forbidden.  However, there is nothing wrong with requiring that the applicant produce the military ID for inspection or that the landlord require an alternative photo ID to be copied if the landlord requires a copy of a photo ID.