Benefit From Having Your Lease On File

Is Your Lease on file?  If not, you should consider having it on file.  Why have your lease on file you ask?   The reasons are many.  Time is money.  Having your lease on file saves you time.    We regularly provide advice to our clients regarding a wide range of legal issues.  Clients’ questions frequently center around their leases.  As firm clients know, the firm answers lease questions and provides advice at no additional cost to firm eviction clients.  When your lease is on file, we can give you the quickest and the most accurate answers to your questions based on your exact lease language.   By having ready access to your lease we can reduce the amount of time needed to address and resolve your problem.  The time is really reduced when we have an electronic version of your lease on file.  This allows any staff member or attorney to immediately call up your lease, to search, and to otherwise zero in on potentially applicable lease language.

We receive numerous questions everyday from our clients.  Many client inquiries are about non-complying residents.  Having your lease on file gives you the tremendous advantage of being able to have us view your lease as we discuss your questions and it enables us to provide you with quick and precise advice.  Many of our clients have different community rules and regulations.  By having your lease on file, we tailor our advice specifically to your needs based on your individual lease.  As a result, we can address your questions directly, efficiently, and immediately. 

This is especially useful in evaluating various complex non-compliance scenarios.  When your lease is on file, we can go right from evaluation to assisting you in drafting a specific notice.  This is far superior and more time efficient than the old fashioned way.  The old fashioned way involves your review, multiple calls back and forth, plus faxes just to evaluate the situation.  When your lease is on file, you call, the situation is discussed based on your lease, notice is drafted if warranted again based on your lease, and usually within less than 20 minutes you have a notice.  You simply print it out, sign it, and serve it.  If your lease is not on file you should weigh the benefits and do it now.

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