Desirae Adams


A Nebraska native, Des moved to Colorado in 2004 to seek more diverse employment opportunities. Since that time, Desirae has utilized her interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking, and decision making abilities to become a successful and seasoned debt collection professional. She has a comprehensive understanding of the law and effectively employs her knowledge and skills to maximize collection results without damaging client relationships. Des is competent and financially astute as well as being diplomatic, but assertive in achieving consistent results for our clients. Desirae is a self-starter and rises to any challenge. Disciplined in the pursuit of professional excellence, while working full-time at the Firm, she pursued an Associate Degree of Applied Science with Advanced Paralegal Certification. Des is an avid reader and enjoys the many challenges of balancing her career while keeping up with the demands of being a single parent. She places great value on spending time with her inquisitive young daughter and being involved in her activities.