Eve Lincoln

Client and Public Relations Manager

Originally from Pennsylvania, Eve has resided in Colorado for over 50 years, which makes her almost a native by now. As Client/Public Relations Manager for the Firm, she is responsible for producing the Landlord News monthly newsletter, creating and producing all client educational training materials and PowerPoint presentations, coordinating and scheduling all educational workshops, and managing all client luncheons. Eve is also responsible for website design and content, Firm informational materials, planning and managing all special Firm functions and serving as liaison with industry trade and professional groups and their activities. Prior to joining the Firm in 2004, Eve had a successful, lengthy career in public and government relations working in both the public and political sectors. Her experience includes managing U.S. Senate and Congressional Campaigns as well as work as a speech and position paper writer. Eve has also been a Government Relations Officer for a Fortune 500 independent oil company and also worked as a registered lobbyist for independent oil and gas interests both in Washington D.C., California, Texas, Montana, New Mexico, and Colorado. Her professional experience immediately before joining the Firm was as a Regional Senior Manager in Public Relations for the mortgage division of a major international financial institution, a position that also included serving as an instructor in Fair Housing for mortgage brokers. Eve is a mother of five and grandmother of nine and finds a lot of her non-work time is taken up with family activities. She is also an avid reader; movie buff and fanatic sports enthusiast who never misses a Bronco game and loves baseball.