TS All-Access Pass (TSAAP) Information

The Tschetter Sulzer All-Access Pass (TSAAP) subscription is designed for our clients who do not file evictions but still want access to TS, day-to-day legal advice, and the benefits of our top-notch workshops, webinars, and content.  Tschetter Sulzer (TS) created the TSAAP program to meet the needs of landlords who wanted the same level of service and access to TS as eviction clients, but who haven’t needed TS’s eviction legal services recently.

Over the past 30 years, Tschetter Sulzer has become the most trusted legal resource for Colorado landlords. Tschetter Sulzer’s attorneys have more than 140 years of combined experience practicing landlord-tenant law, and our clients benefit from the knowledge we gain from representing them in hundreds of trials per month. Our attorneys consistently testify on proposed laws at the Colorado State Legislature, and we act as counsel for the National Apartment Association. During the pandemic, we have become the go-to source for navigating the constantly changing rules on the local, state, and national levels.

TSAAP costs $1,200 annually and the subscription runs for one year from the date of your final payment. For $100 a month, you can get answers to all your landlord dilemmas, attend our accredited classes, listen to webinars, access our content library, and more.

A new and impactful benefit of the All-Access Pass is that all TSAAP subscribers receive the Tschetter Sulzer single-family or small community lease.  TSAAP subscribers also receive all lease updates for no additional charge. Given that Colorado landlord-tenant law changes nearly every year now, having an updated lease, plus the informed knowledge of our attorneys on new laws, makes TSAAP well worth the value.

The TSAAP subscription includes all of the services and access that eviction clients already receive (and more), including:

  • The TS Single Family or Small Community Lease, plus updates
  • Website Access to the TS website, including full access to important forms/documents/letters, an exhaustive resource library of informative articles written by our attorneys, and educational video content
  • Monthly CREC-accredited workshops, where you can expand your knowledge of fair housing law, eviction law, and other relevant topics in property management
  • Access to all other TS webinars, including monthly Fair Housing Friday presentations and special updates for clients on legal changes and other trends in the industry
  • Access to all TS live events, including client lunches and other special client appreciation events
  • Access to the industry-renowned TS Situation Desk, where more than 130,000 landlord questions regarding day-to-day “situations” have been answered since 2006

The TS Situation Desk gives our clients access to interact directly with one of our experienced attorneys whenever they have a question about a day-to-day operational issue.  This “preventative law” approach gives our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can run things by us first, without cost, so they can avoid making a decision that could potentially cost even more down the road.  If your question can be resolved with a simple email or 15-minute phone call, or if you just need some quick help reviewing an eviction notice before servicing it, just reach out to our Situations team and they’ll have an attorney follow up to help.

On the other hand, some matters are too complicated to be resolved with a simple email or phone call and will require additional attorney time billed hourly. What we don’t mean by “day-to-day legal advice” may include: Document drafting/review (beyond demand/notice reviews), fair housing claims, anything involving contact with a third party (e.g. residents or opposing counsel), and anything that involves ongoing representation.  We reserve the right to determine the amount of day-to-day legal advice we provide at no additional cost based on the sole discretion of our attorneys.

Details of the TSAAP program are set forth in the annual subscription agreement:

  • The annual cost of the subscription is $1,200.00. To be an active subscriber you must sign the TSAAP subscription agreement and pay the subscription fee.
  • Subscribers will be invoiced on or about 30 days before your All-Access Pass is up for renewal.  You have no obligation to renew your subscription; if you wish to cancel, simply do not pay the annual renewal fee and your subscription will be automatically canceled if your payment is not received within 15 days of the due date.
  • TSAAP subscribers who file an eviction at any time during a subscription period will have their subscription charge waived for the following subscription period.
  • TSAAP subscriptions can be utilized (shared) by multiple individuals if those individuals work for the same company and the company has 10 or less employees. TSAAP subscriptions may not be shared by individuals not employed by the same company or by different sole proprietors or landlords.

To join, please complete, sign, and email the below TSAAP Agreement to our Client Services Manager, Michael Gardner, at michael@thslawfirm.com.

Click Here to Download TSAAP Agreement