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Workshops are for clients to help them learn exactly what they need to know and how to do it.

Basic Fair Housing Workshop

The primary focus of this workshop is on the principles of Fair Housing, in particular, how to conduct business in accordance with fair housing and civil rights laws. After taking this class, participants will know how to properly deal with the issues concerning both prospective and current tenants.

Fair Housing law is founded on ethics and treating all people equally. The class covers different protected classes (such as race, religion, sex, etc.) and their rights when renting to them. When it comes to Fair Housing, the Firm deals with more disabled tenant cases than any other issue. Learn the difference between a reasonable accommodation and modification, and how to handle these requests from disabled tenants. In particular, attendees will explore more complicated issues such as companion animals and handicapped parking requests.

Advertising your rentals is critical for your bottom line and is conducted in some form by every employee on your property. Learn what you can and cannot say about your property and current tenants to prospective tenants. Protect yourself by learning the do’s and don’ts of the application and signing process, including the hidden pitfalls of steering or asking illegal questions. Discover the best way of handling maintenance requests to keep you out of legal turmoil.

This class is ideal for those who are new to the property management industry or those who just need to brush up on their fair housing skills. Fines for a first fair housing offense may cost a property up to $10,000! It is important to know that the nuances of Fair Housing laws are constantly evolving and changing due to new case law.

Advanced Fair Housing Workshop

The focus in the Advanced Fair Housing class is to go beyond the protected classes and examine all facets of the requirements and subtle nuances of Fair Housing Laws. Emphasis is on the complex areas of Accommodation and Modification, Disabilities (permanent and temporary), Tenant Retaliation, and Responding To Complaints, and Risk Management.

The class features extensive testing on real case scenarios that have occurred involving the accommodation and modification requirements under Fair Housing, showing how they were handled and how they should be handled. Other areas of focus include:

  • The distinction between accommodations and modifications and who has to pay the costs for these requests
  • An understanding that even simple fees can be challenged in specific instances as part of a reasonable accommodation request
  • The differences between an assistive animal and a companion animal and how to handle these requests so as not to run into a Fair Housing violation
  • What can happen if a Fair Housing complaint is filed against you and what your liabilities could be as well as what to do if you receive a notice from the CCRD (Colorado Civil Rights Division) or HUD

Participants should have attended a Basic Fair Housing Class or have extensive practical knowledge and experience with Fair Housing laws prior to enrolling in this class.

Advanced Non-Monetary Evictions Workshop

This workshop covers in detail what landlords need to do when the basis for eviction is anything other than unpaid rent. We’ll cover the different types of notices you may need to serve, depending on the situation, and you’ll also receive detailed instruction on how to properly draft your notices to ensure the best possible results in court.

With the passing of new Colorado laws, we encourage all Managers to take this class to ensure a proper understanding of the new process. After completing this training, students should clearly understand the eviction process and correct notices for evicting tenants for cause, and be better prepared to start the eviction process when faced with a non-compliance, now-renewal, or Substantial Violation situation.

Basic Evictions Workshop

The primary focus of this workshop is the basic Residential Eviction action for Non-Payment of Rent. Emphasis is on the importance of using the legally correct notice to eliminate any defense against the eviction action. The class covers the key issues in drafting notices and the common mistakes that are frequently made in filling out and serving the notice, which can result in case delays.

The goal is to develop an understanding of the complete Eviction process, not just filing out notices.

  • How and what days do you count for a 10- or 30-Day Notice?
  • Common technical defenses used by tenants, including tender, waiver, and partial payments; plus, how to deal with them
  • What do the different types of notices mean, what do they tell a tenant, and when should you serve more than one notice?
  • What are the grounds for different types of Evictions and their corresponding notices?
  • When does a tenant have the right to cure, and when do they not?
  • Possession of the property by judgment
  • Ordering and handling of Writs
  • The use of stipulations in the eviction process
  • Abandonment of the property and tenant liability
  • Lease language that does and doesn’t work

It is strongly recommended that clients follow up the Basic Evictions Workshop with attendance at our Advanced Non-Rent Eviction Workshop to clearly understand the eviction process and correct notices for evicting tenants for cause, as this is a more complicated area of eviction legal procedures.

Subsidized Housing Evictions Bootcamp

Subsidized Evictions can be a time-consuming process, and a bad notice can set you back significantly. This class will focus primarily on the basics of Subsidized Evictions, with a heavy emphasis on notice drafting. Drafting the correct notice is imperative to winning your eviction, and the building block to handling subsidized evictions. The class covers the key issues in drafting notices and the common mistakes made in filling out and serving the notice that can result in defective service and delay in eviction. The class will cover both Colorado and federal notices.

The Firm strongly recommends that all properties that deal with subsidized housing tenants have all members of their staff attend this class.

Real Estate Broker Compliance

The recent changes in the enforcement of real estate law have caused concern among many property owners and managers. The Firm has designed this workshop to clarify the requirements of the Real Estate Commission as they relate to your property and employees. Class participants will learn the definition of a real estate broker, as well as who on the property is required to possess a real estate broker’s license. Learn who qualifies for exemption from these laws. This class will outline the do’s and don’ts of onsite managers in relation to real estate commission compliance. After attending this class, participants will know the difference between owner, hybrid, and fee management, as well as REITs, joint ventures, and hands-on ownership.

Discover the surprising employee compensation regulations that many property managers are unaware they are violating, as well as creative and legal ways to counter them. Onsite personnel will learn the proper way to execute leases. The class also details how brokers are to appropriately proceed with their day-to-day tasks, such as dealing with prospective tenants and handling security deposits.

After attending this class, property owners and managers should know how to comply with real estate commission regulations in hopes of avoiding an audit.

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Courses + Private Training

In addition to our monthly workshops we host online or in person, Tschetter Sulzer offers private training for clients where it’s most convenient for them. We come to your property or host online trainings to sharpen the skills and knowledge of your employees on topics such as fair housing, evictions, and more.