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Residential & Commercial Evictions

When it comes to the eviction process, either residential or commercial, we are committed to helping you protect your investment. TS recognizes that time is money; that is why our proven, efficient approach to the eviction process minimizes lost rental days and allows us to process evictions effectively, and why the Firm of Tschetter Sulzer is recognized as the #1 Eviction Firm in Colorado.

We handle the eviction process from reviewing and filing your case to delivering the writ to the sheriff.

Legal Advice

We encourage our clients to contact us with any legal questions so that they can make the right decision in dealing with problem situations. You can submit your question by logging into the Client Portal.

Drafting Eviction Notices

Drafting eviction notices and demands can be tricky.  We urge our clients to involve us before serving compliance notices and frequently draft compliance notices for clients, increasing the client’s chances of success in court.

Additional Resources

At TS, we believe that better-educated clients are less likely to get into legal trouble, and we offer additional value for our clients with a variety of free value-added services, that ensure they have access to all the educational information they need and the latest updates on industry trends, including:

  • Educational Workshops and Webinars
  • Monthly Client Luncheons
  • Web Resource Library and Form Library
  • Legislative and Industry Alerts

About Our Firm

Tschetter Sulzer combines the years of experience, skill and breadth of achievement typically found at large law firms with the responsiveness and individual attention characteristic of smaller practices. With decades of experience spanning a broad array of legal disciplines, TS brings the collective talents and abilities of its attorneys to its clients efficiently and effectively, and at far more reasonable rates than found at larger firms. At TS, every client, large or small, receives personal attention from one or more of our highly rated attorneys, another value-added approach to our clients’ legal needs.

Guiding Principles

  1. Prompt, Precise, and Professional
  2. Building Relationships for the Long Term
  3. Exceeding All Expectations