Lease Drafting & Review

Utilizing a “What Could Go Wrong?” approach, TS drafts and reviews lease agreements with an eye toward preventing litigation in the future. Sometimes, litigation is unavoidable. In those situations, a clear and concise contract will only serve to benefit our clients. A strong lease, which protects the client, but at the same time is fair to the tenant, is the cornerstone of the landlord/tenant relationship. The Firm provides a full range of services in this area. From a cursory review of lease documents to a comprehensive audit, the Firm is available to assist its clients in revising their documents to better protect themselves.

The Firm’s lease services are based on our substantial experience in landlord-tenant law. No Colorado law firm handles more tenant litigation or has more constant exposure to leases and lease issues than TS. The Firm provides a wide variety of lease services for multifamily, single-family, and commercial property management clients. There are a number of considerations in deciding which of our many lease services may be right for you. There is no such thing as the perfect lease; there is only the perfect lease for a specific client, at the moment it was created, for a variety of reasons:

  • The law changes
  • Company policy changes
  • Court rulings require changes
  • Tenants raise new scenarios and factual permutations

For these reasons, we always recommend having a “lease check-up” on an annual basis.

About Our Firm

Tschetter Sulzer combines the years of experience, skill and breadth of achievement typically found at large law firms with the responsiveness and individual attention characteristic of smaller practices. With decades of experience spanning a broad array of legal disciplines, TS brings the collective talents and abilities of its attorneys to its clients efficiently and effectively, and at far more reasonable rates than found at larger firms. At TS, every client, large or small, receives personal attention from one or more of our highly rated attorneys, another value-added approach to our clients’ legal needs.

Guiding Principles

  1. Prompt, Precise, and Professional
  2. Building Relationships for the Long Term
  3. Exceeding All Expectations