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Tschetter Sulzer

[CHED-er  SUL-zer]

The TS Difference

TS has earned a reputation for consistent, effective and successful representation because we take a genuine interest in the unique requirements of each client, demand excellence of ourselves, and deliver solutions.

We are proud to represent the largest owners and property management firms in Colorado, and we are also privileged to serve thousands of smaller owners and property managers who look to us for guidance and assistance with their legal needs.

Our philosophy that timely evictions save thousands in lost rental days has made us the #1 Eviction Firm in Colorado. We are committed to delivering an effective solution-based approach to our clients as we assist them in achieving their goals.

Guiding Principles

  1. Prompt, Precise, and Professional
  2. Building Relationships for the Long Term
  3. Exceeding All Expectations


We believe that our pragmatic, problem-solving approach to resolving issues sets us apart from other law firms. Each of the lawyers at our firm brings a unique background and set of perspectives to our collaborative efforts.

Mark Tschetter
Mark N. Tschetter

Senior Managing Partner

Victor Sulzer
Victor L. Sulzer


Our Attorneys

The attorneys at Tschetter Sulzer provide counsel built on sound experience and judgment.

Peter Muccio
Peter E. Muccio

Senior Associate Attorney

Lindsay Jasper
Lindsay E. Jasper

Senior Associate Attorney

Karen Harvey
Karen A. Harvey

Senior Associate Attorney

Rachel L. Winders
Rachel L. Winders

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Kory Cook
Kory J. Cook

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Christopher Cunningham
Christopher R. Cunningham

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Jonathon Carlson
Jonathon G. Carlson

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Jake Wallance
Jake R. Wallace

Attorney and Counselor at Law

June Torres
June A. Torres

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Hannah J. Bevers
Hannah J. Bevers

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Giving Back

Giving back to the community we support is important to us here at TS Law. We have been working with The Gathering Place since 2010, providing food, blankets, shelter and career advice.