Why Your Whole Team Should Read the Newsletter

I can’t tell you the number of times a client asks me a question, and I respond by saying, “I just wrote a newsletter about that”. This is no mere coincidence. The newsletter is almost always based on real-life situations from onsite teams constantly pouring into the Firm.  A tremendous advantage of being a Tschetter Sulzer client is that the collective knowledge of the industry is made available to you through lunches, classes, and our newsletter.  We are constantly compiling that knowledge, and pass on much of that knowledge in our newsletter.

When people ask me a question that was featured in a newsletter, it tells me that they don’t remember it, are not getting the newsletter, or didn’t read it.  Regularly reading Landlord News is the equivalent of going to Property Management University. If you’re not taking advantage of it, you should consider the opportunity.  Some management teams take advantage of our newsletter by using it as both a learning tool and an accountability check.  They review or discuss the newsletter at their management meetings and ask questions about it.  It tells them who has read the newsletter and who hasn’t, as well as who is up to speed on critical issues, and more importantly who isn’t, thus providing a quick assessment of who may need more information or training.

We recognize that there is turnover in the multi-family housing industry and newer employees may need answers to questions on topics that had previously been addressed.  For this reason, we encourage all of our clients and their management teams to take advantage of our website resource library which provides copies of articles on all key topics that have previously been published in the Landlord News.  Browsing through these articles can provide a wealth of information and education on important topics for your newer staff members.

No matter how many times I am asked a question, I would rather have your teams ask and be informed, then proceed without the benefit of clear answers.  We believe, that educating clients is one of our most important value-added services, because better-educated clients are far less likely to get into legal trouble.

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