Communication Best Practices

As all of our clients are aware, the eviction process in Colorado (and in each County therein) has changed significantly over the last few years and, as a result of all these changes, our methods for communicating with our clients have evolved.

As such, we wanted to provide our clients with a quick guide on our new communication processes, so you can be sure you’re directing all your communications (eviction-related and otherwise) to the right place. This will help us serve you better.

Also, please note that when you email us with a new eviction case, situation, or other question, it will assist us to only send the message once to the appropriate party. Sending a particular message to multiple recipients at the Firm, sending a message several times, and/or CCing several different email addresses can lead to confusion, duplicative work, and delays in helping respond to you. If you reach out, we assure you that someone will follow up with you as soon as we are able to help.

Best Practices

File Evictions: Demands for Rent (Existing Clients)

If you are an existing, active client with the Firm (you have filed an eviction case with the Firm since June 2021) and have a Demand for Rent to file, please submit the demand through the TS Website: Submit Rent Demands. 

If you have not filed a case with the Firm since 2021 or earlier: Due to significant changes in the law, you will be required to schedule a pre-eviction Consultation with one of our attorneys to review your case, leasing document, and the Evictions Process generally prior to filing. 

Communication Regarding the Receipt of Your Demand

Due to changes to the law in 2021, we rarely process eviction cases the same day we receive Demands from clients. Generally, Demands are reviewed within 3 to 4 business days after receipt by an Eviction Department Staff member. Unfortunately,this will not get shorter in the future.

You will receive an email from the Eviction Department staff as soon as your demand is reviewed. This email will either (a) notify you the demand was processed and is in line for a court date OR (b) notify you of what is needed in order to process the demand. For every demand that is processed, you will receive an email from the Eviction Department Staff and a Confirmation Report from the Firm. Once a demand is filed you’ll receive a Filing Report from the Firm including the tenants’ name, address, and court date.

Email and fax are very reliable. If you emailed or faxed us your Demands, we almost certainly received them. We respectfully request that you do not follow up regarding your Demand for at least 5 business days from the date you sent them.

Please do not email multiple people at the Firm about your Demands (or anything else), as this only causes further delays. Following this protocol is the single biggest thing you can do to help us streamline communications with all of our clients because it eliminates a huge volume of unnecessary emails.

Finally, if following up about a faxed Demand, please send your follow-up emails only to

Evictions Case Updates

You’ll find real-time information about filed eviction cases on the Client Portal; if there is no update on the Client Portal, then there is no update available.

How to update the Eviction Staff about your cases AFTER they are filed: (1) Send an update through the Client Portal (preferred method) (2) Email the report, with the update circled, to

The Client Portal: To access (1) log into the website, (2) click the Client Portal link at the top of the screen, and (3) then click the “Click Here to View Your Cases” link. If you do not find this link, please email for assistance.

For a full walkthrough of everything you’ll be able to see and do on the Client Portal, please watch this video tutorial:

If you have not already registered for access to our website, you can do so here:

More info: Since the beginning of 2020 the eviction case process does not, and never will, progress as quickly as it did before. Both the Colorado laws and the county court filing procedures have changed significantly. Our staff is following up with the courts about your cases EVERY DAY and will update the Client Portal in real-time as soon as they have confirmation from the court that your judgment has entered. This process varies by county and can take between 3 to 15 days from the return date for a judgment to enter. If you do not see an update to your case on the Client Portal, it means we have not received any changes or updates from the court.

New Situations/Non-Monetary Evictions

If you have a New Situation or a Non-Monetary Eviction (Demand for Compliance, Notice to Quit, Notice to Quit: Repeat Violation, Notice to Quit: Foreclosure, Notice to Quit: Substantial) to send to our team, you have two options:

#1 Client Portal: To submit a Situation on the Client Portal

1) log into the website
2) click the “Client Portal” link at the top of the screen
3) click the “Click Here to View Your Cases” link
4) click “+ New Situation”
5) complete the form.

If you do not find this link, please email for assistance.

#2 Email Submissions: Email your Situation to

More info: At TS, we strive to provide proactive legal solutions to our clients; we’re here to help when an eviction or other legal action is necessary, but sometimes the right advice up-front can help you avoid a difficult situation altogether. To this end, we created the TS Situations Department to ensure that all of our eviction clients are able to get their quick legal questions answered personally by one of our attorneys so they can be sure they’re doing the right thing when issues arise.

If you are a current eviction client, you can send all your day-to-day legal questions to our Situations team and they will have the next available attorney contact you to answer your question free of charge (usually within 24-48 hours).

Billing Inquiries

If you’d like to contact us about a recent invoice or have any questions about your account, please contact our billing department at