Basic Fair Housing Workshop

The primary focus of this workshop is on the principles of Fair Housing, in particular, how to conduct business in accordance with fair housing and civil rights laws. After taking this class, participants will know how to properly deal with the issues concerning both prospective and current tenants.

Fair Housing law is founded on ethics and treating all people equally. The class covers different protected classes (such as race, religion, sex, etc.) and their rights when renting to them. When it comes to Fair Housing, the Firm deals with more disabled tenant cases than any other issue. Learn the difference between a reasonable accommodation and modification, and how to handle these requests from disabled tenants. In particular, attendees will explore more complicated issues such as companion animals and handicapped parking requests.

Advertising your rentals is critical for your bottom line and is conducted in some form by every employee on your property. Learn what you can and cannot say about your property and current tenants to prospective tenants. Protect yourself by learning the do’s and don’ts of the application and signing process, including the hidden pitfalls of steering or asking illegal questions. Discover the best way of handling maintenance requests to keep you out of legal turmoil.

This class is ideal for those who are new to the property management industry or those who just need to brush up on their fair housing skills. Fines for a first fair housing offense may cost a property up to $10,000! It is important to know that the nuances of Fair Housing laws are constantly evolving and changing due to new case law.