Real Estate Broker Compliance

The recent changes in the enforcement of real estate law have caused concern among many property owners and managers. The Firm has designed this workshop to clarify the requirements of the Real Estate Commission as they relate to your property and employees. Class participants will learn the definition of a real estate broker, as well as who on the property is required to possess a real estate broker’s license. Learn who qualifies for exemption from these laws. This class will outline the do’s and don’ts of onsite managers in relation to real estate commission compliance. After attending this class, participants will know the difference between owner, hybrid, and fee management, as well as REITs, joint ventures, and hands-on ownership.

Discover the surprising employee compensation regulations that many property managers are unaware they are violating, as well as creative and legal ways to counter them. Onsite personnel will learn the proper way to execute leases. The class also details how brokers are to appropriately proceed with their day-to-day tasks, such as dealing with prospective tenants and handling security deposits.

After attending this class, property owners and managers should know how to comply with real estate commission regulations in hopes of avoiding an audit.