Fair Housing Friday

Fair Housing Friday

09.06.2024 | 09:00am-10:00am

Fair Housing Friday is a one-hour interactive webinar designed to provide Tschetter Sulzer clients with a comprehensive overview of Fair Housing Laws in Colorado. This informative session covers updates on the latest fair housing practices, ensuring that attendees are up to date with any recent changes or developments in this area.

Hosted by Tschetter Sulzer, a trusted name in the field of fair housing and real estate law, Fair Housing Friday offers an invaluable opportunity for clients to expand their understanding of fair housing regulations and compliance. This webinar serves as a platform for attendees to have their questions answered directly by industry professionals, ensuring that they leave the session with a clear and concise understanding of their rights and responsibilities under fair housing laws.

Whether you are a real estate professional, landlord, homeowner, or anyone else involved in the housing industry, Fair Housing Friday is an essential resource for staying informed and educated about fair housing practices in Colorado. Join us for this engaging and interactive webinar, where knowledge and empowerment go hand in hand.

Invitations for this event will be sent out to all active Tschetter Sulzer clients prior to this event.