Eviction Confusion Can Cost Time & Money


Evictions are not always cut and dry. Almost every eviction has to be supported by either a contractual or statutory notices. Unfortunately, failure to analyze when and what type of notice needs to be served can cost you time and money.  For example, if you are required to give a thirty-day notice, serving a defective notice will cost you an additional thirty days at minimum.  If you have extremely bad timing, serving an arguably defective thirty-day notice may cost you nearly ninety days.  Just like poker, we can only play the hand you deal us.  When clients come to us with problematic notices, clients have to choose between two less than ideal alternatives. Clients can decide to risk going all in on a problematic notice, or clients can take the safest route and reserve an air-tight notice.  Going all in on a problematic notice means getting the tenant out much quicker if you win, but it also means the tenant gets much more time if you lose.  If you lose, the tenant always gets more time than you would have given them by re-serving a questionable notice.  Fortunately, THS clients don’t have to be put between a rock and a hard place.  All existing THS clients know that we are always available to evaluate eviction notices and scenarios for existing clients at no charge.