How To Submit Rent Demands

First, Log-in to the Website

Second, Your property should be pre-populated with your client ID.

However, If you work or are associated with Multiple Properties there will be a drop-down menu and you will need to select the property that you are submitting for. If you have additional demands for a different property, submit property 1 first, and then select from the drop-down menu your next property.

Third, Enter The Number of Demands You Are Submitting.

Demand Files MUST BE PDF only. No Pictures or JPEGS, this includes JPEGS (pictures) that have been converted to PDFs.  Preferably please submit one PDF with all demands, but multiple PDF files can be processed.

Please remember to always check your demands for completeness. Incomplete demands (missed signature, blank information, missing pages, etc.) are the number one for processing delays.