Information for Tenants Regarding Your Eviction Case

If you have received a summons for court you will need to enter into a settlement agreement or follow the instructions on your summons to either (1) go to court, (2) attend court virtually, or (3) file an answer by the date in your court summons.

If you are interested in a resolution of the case, please go to the settlement website that is provided in your paperwork (and linked here) and follow the instructions in order to gain access to a settlement agreement that we are authorized by our client to offer you. You will need your barcode, full name (enter name EXACTLY as it appears on your summons), and an email address to view the offer. Click here if you have your court paperwork and would like to review your settlement agreement.

If your case is NOT specifically related to non-payment issues, please send an email to that you are seeking the additional fourteen days to move out or arrange an agreement with your landlord.

If you do not enter into a settlement agreement or file an answer, a default judgment for possession will be requested and the sheriff’s physical move-out can be performed as early as ten (10) days after the judgment has entered.

If you have not received a summons and have only received an Eviction Demand, please contact your landlord for more information or to cure the issue/default.

If you are requesting documentation regarding your case, please complete the form “Request For Documents In Eviction Cases” that was provided with your summons packet.

If you inquiring about information appearing on your credit report, please note that our office does not report negative information to any credit bureaus. You must dispute negative credit information directly with the credit bureaus.

If you wish to resolve a previous judgment with a settlement agreement, please click here for more information or to send a request.