Basic Documents

         Does the CARES Act Apply to Our Property?

  • This memo outlines how to determine if the CARES Act Applies to you

         CARES Act Letter for Loan Servicers

  • This document is provided to Loan Servicers to assist Borrowers in determining whether real property secured by a mortgage is a “Covered Property” as defined by the CARES Act

         Covered Properties–Notice of CARES Act Email Template

  • Use this email template if you are a COVERED Property, to notify your tenants of the CARES Act pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order

        Status Unknown of Property–Notice of CARES Act Email Template

  • This email template is to be used to generate emails to tenants to comply with the Governor’s Order if the status of a property under the CARES Act is not known

         CARES ACT §4022,§4023,§4024

  • These are the sections of the CARES Act that landlords must notify tenants about pursuant to Governor Polis’ Executive Order.

         CARES Act Community List Spreadsheet

  • Clicking this link will directly download this document.
  • This spreadsheet is designed for companies with a large portfolio of properties
  • This spreadsheet is used to inform the TS Evictions Department of the Covered/Partially-Covered/Non-Covered status of your properties.
  • Email completed copy to:

         Grace & Forgiveness Policy

  • This document provides guidance on how to go about developing policies that help keep tenants from falling behind on rent payments

         Estimated Dates for Filing for Evictions

  • This spreadsheet is constantly updated with the latest information from county courts regarding their filing status

         CARES ACT §4024

  • These are the 5 pages covering the “Temporary Moratorium on Eviction Filings” out of the 880 page CARES Act

         TS Analysis of Governor’s 6.13.20 Executive Order

  • This Memo & FAQ breaks down Governor’s Order D 2020-101 – Moratorium Extension (As of June 15, 2020)

         30-Day Demand for Rent or Possession

  • Use this 30-Day Demand for Rent until the Executive Order Ends (Currently August 11)

         Governor’s 6.13.20 Executive Order D 2020-101

  • Order temporarily  changing 10-day demand for rent to a 30-day demand for rent

         Governor’s 7.13.20 Executive Order D 2020-134

  • Order temporarily extending 30-day demand for rent until August 11, 2020

        Balance Due Notice

  • This sample notice can be used by Covered & Non-Covered Properties to remind tenants that while there is a moratorium on evictions, their obligation to pay rent according to the lease still exists.

        Directory of Local Health Departments

  • This directory provides websites and contact information for Local Health Departments. (Directory provided by National Association of County and City Health Officials “NACCHO”)

Additional Resources (Must Be Logged-In to Access)

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          Tschetter Sulzer Analysis of CARES Act

  • This analysis breaks down each piece of Section 4024 of the CARES Act and how it affects rental housing providers

         Amenity Guidance & FAQ to Reopening Amenities

  • This Guidance is based on the Sixth Amended Public Health Order 20-28 Safer at Home issued June 5, 2020, along with information from the CDPHE website

         Amenity Usage Waiver

  • Require anyone using an amenity to sign this waiver prior to use of the amenity or amenities.

         Memo on Amenity Usage Waiver

  • This memo explains how to incorporate the “Amenity Usage Waiver”

          COVID Rent Payment Lease Amendment

  • This lease addendum sets up a reschedule of rent payments between the resident and landlord

          COVID Early Termination Agreement

  • This agreement allows the tenant to end their lease and set up a repayment plan for any amounts due at the lease termination

          Example Sign Language for Amenities Reopening

  • Using the language included and your company logo, model your Amenity Signs after this example.